Red on Blue - Gateway to Sanity Print
Red on Blue - Gateway to Sanity Wall Art
Red on Blue - Gateway to Sanity Print in studio interior
Red on Blue - Gateway to Sanity Print in a gorgeous kitchen

Red on Blue - Gateway to Sanity Print

Gio Antonello
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Gorgeous and vibrant abstract art by Gio Antonello.

Words from the artist:

"This is a personal journey, reflecting the mixed emotions of an individual, charting their life journey’s ups and downs. The painting reflects relaxation methods used to calm oneself during difficult times. From afar it’s a journey that begins with a calming hypnotic blue depicting the person at peace with themselves for the first time in a long while.

This person likes this feeling; they are relaxed, their breathing is under control, no anxiety or shakes, and steady on their feet. But after years of a negative subconscious mind, it is easy to switch from a positive frame of mind into a negative one and this individual despises this personal trait, which spoils their difficult-to-obtain calming state and which blights their life in general. Thus, we switch from a calming blue to an angry, frustrating burning red. A sudden shudder and a hot flush, body trembling, a slight wobble, working its way down from the abdomen, pelvis, thighs, calves and the numbing of the toes.

In full panic this person needs a way out, confused but still sane they battle their anxious surroundings to a more peaceful cooling reservoir of green within a small box of relaxing lavender tones occupying the centre of the canvas. Their safe place. Now calm once again."

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