Collection: Figen Demireva Illustration Prints

Gorgeous contemporary illustration and clean modern design.

Figen Demireva is a young artist currently based in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. She is a graphic designer, illustrator, and painter. She's always been passionate about aesthetics and human perception, this took her to graduate graphic design and to be a self-taught illustrator and painter. 

Loving to dive deeper into what's important for the human soul and heart, what sets us on fire and what makes us keep on moving forward—she enjoys creating artwork that can feed exactly those needs of the human perception. 
Her work is very diverse and doesn't go into one specific category, rather could be described as abstract, sometimes loud and sometimes still and deep as water. 
The philosophy in her life for art is not limiting ourselves in anything and to love and dive in whichever water that makes our heart beat faster with passion.
Figen Demireva Illustration Prints