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Organised Chaos Fine Art Print

Gio Antonello
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Contemporary Painting y Gio Antonello


The Words of the artist:

"This piece was constructed in such a specific way with the brush being used in a haphazard, unorthodox way to create a confused, chaotic, messy, uneven story within each segment. Viewed from afar, the dark stories combine to create overall chaos; the illusion of anger, depression, and anxiety. On closer inspection, each individual segment has its own individual beauty, tells its own individual story, in direct contrast to the chaos portrayed when the piece is viewed as a whole. The individual compartments are organized within their own area, boxed within a white outline. These compartments are less intimidating on their own and although they depict chaos, this is organized chaos as apparent in many people’s lives. This piece represents the everyday challenges people face; mental health, confusion, love, and loss.

The beauty within the piece is the message that although things may look beyond reproach if one takes a little time to reflect, think about their situation, examine each individual section within the wider picture of their lives they will find a way of working through their issues instead of being controlled by them. And although their issues will still be apparent, the overall outlook may not be as negative as previously envisaged. I want individuals to look at this piece and tell themselves “my life may be upside down at the moment but there are ways around my obstacles”. I would like to think of this artwork as a pathway to a positive frame of mind."

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