Fireworks Night Sky Art Print
Fireworks Night Sky Wall Art
Fireworks Night Sky Art Print in gorgeous studio room
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Fireworks Night Sky Art Print

Gio Antonello
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Modern Art Made Just For You By Gio Antonello.

The artist describes:

"Inspired by my childhood fascination with firework displays each 5th November; at how the sky was lit by an array of amazing colours. Everyone in their woolen hats and wrapped up from top to toe against the cold, heads tilted skywards mouths open in amazement, whether at their own small family gathering or at a larger display. As I grew older I began to think of the sky like a gigantic canvas of lights and explosions, full of bright colours against the dark background of night. I envisaged the colourful effects being created by the flick of an artist’s brush nothing ordered, left completely to the artist's whim.

An explosion of colours and lights. I like to refer to this work as a celebration piece, a celebration of colour, of memory. As a celebration piece, this can also represent New Year's Eve and Diwali the Hindu festival of lights; these holidays also celebrate the coming together of loved ones, friends, and family. This is one of my larger pieces, as I wanted to capture the essence of these days with a variety of tones and colours which are best expressed on a larger canvas.

This piece has a special resonance with me as it reflects another priceless childhood memory. It brings back the excitement I felt as a child, firstly in choosing the selection of fireworks from the shop to the day in question, watching my father lighting them in our garden.  An excitement that remains to this day."

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