A Hint of Pink Painting Print
A Hint of Pink wall art
A Hint of Pink Painting Print in modern studio setting
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A Hint of Pink Painting Print

Gio Antonello
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Modern Pink Splash of Colour by Gio Antonello

Read words from the artist below describing the artwork.

"This particular minimalist piece comprises of a black background with a splash of neon pink as the contrast. The story depicted in this artwork is that black is a depressing shade for many because it resembles a void. In order to cancel out the complete dark background of the abyss, I have applied the pink in volume with a pallet knife to give it depth and to allow the black and the pink to work in unison to create a vibrant modern stylish abstract. The neon pink overpowers the lifeless darkness with a warming fiery sensation.

This piece has been layered with a coat of thick black oil paint to give the darkness a lumpy, bulbous texture underneath the pink. The pink acrylic was in-turn layered in the middle of the canvas over the textured/jagged black base coat and gently applied with a pallet knife to give it an added depth. The theme of this piece is ‘opposites attract’, and nothing is more contrasting than a bright, almost arrogant pink over a soulless black. I deliberately allowed the pink paint to hug the uneven base coat’s raised ends to create this unique texture. This piece can be displayed top to bottom or vice versa depending on taste as it works both ways."

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