Lady Flower No3 Flower Collage Art
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Lady Flower No3 Flower Collage Art

Constanza Urquiza
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Lady Flower No3 Flower Collage Art by Constanza Urquiza

Digital collage of a flower headed woman standing strong in front of a sky bubble
surrounded by plants and petals.

This is the third piece in a collection that will constantly grow.  People once asked me why I put flowers on the heads of the women in my artwork.  I think in the first place it is because I was born on a spring day (in Argentina that day is celebrated a lot, especially if you are a child/adolescent because the same day - September
21 - is also student's day).

The association flowers/spring is the first answer.

But after thinking about it a bit more in detail, it also has to do with letting the head flourish and for things to flourish they have to be in an environment that allows it.
How important it is to be able to germinate, water, and take care of the content of our head, so we can flourish.

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