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Chilling Up Here Surreal Collage

Constanza Urquiza
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Chilling Up Here Surreal Collage by Constanza Urquiza

Digital collage of a couple starring at some galaxy Set your mind in adventure mode. Feel that feeling that only appears that moment just before going on holiday.

Try to imagine that instead of going to the beach, or the mountains, or to a little town you love, you can go beyond the atmosphere and be around stardust, the darkness of the universe, and enjoy it. What would you do first? Now, close your eyes and try to actually see it.

It may be a scary scenario, but you know you are safe because YOU ARE THE ONE GENERATING IT. That same thing happens with everything in our lives. No matter what surrounds you, you actually have the power inside your mind to change your own perceptions of the environment. And if you try it many times, you can develop a new tool to use in case of emergency.

The mind has the power to set us free, but also to get us in jail. What do you prefer?

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