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Golf Milk Collage Print

Golf Milk Collage Print

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Dive into the Twisted Reality of "Golf Milk" by Taudalpoi

"Golf Milk" by Taudalpoi shatters the boundaries of reality, creating a scene both unsettling and strangely captivating.

A World of Eerie Blue:

The artwork unfolds against a backdrop of solid, deep blue, an unbroken expanse setting the stage for the bizarre spectacle below. A giant, pristine bathtub transforms into an impossible golf hole, overflowing with a thick, milky liquid. Its surface shimmers with an unnatural glow, casting an otherworldly light on the scene.

The Enigmatic Colossus:

Dominating the scene is a colossal boy, drawn in a child-like, almost primitive style. His oversized head, with wide, emotionless eyes, creates a sense of unnerving innocence. He holds aloft the very Earth, a precarious sphere balanced precariously on the rim of the milky abyss.

The Entangled Figure:

Within the milky depths, a lone figure struggles desperately. Their silhouette writhes in the viscous liquid, a stark contrast to the boy's calmness. This glimpse of vulnerability trapped in the impossible situation creates a powerful tension.

A Masterful Juxtaposition:

"Golf Milk" is a masterclass in surrealism. Taudalpoi masterfully combines the familiar (a child playing golf) with the unsettling (the giant scale, the milky abyss) to create a piece that lingers long after viewing. The vibrant colors and simple brushstrokes belie the deeper questions the artwork raises about perspective, control, and the power dynamics of childhood games.

More Than Just a Print:

Owning "Golf Milk" is more than acquiring a decoration. It's an invitation to delve into the unsettling corners of your imagination. This thought-provoking piece is sure to spark debate and intrigue among your guests. Hang it in your living room, office, or anywhere you want to ignite curiosity and discussion.

Printed with Quality:

This high-quality print is produced using premium archival inks on heavyweight, museum-grade paper, ensuring a vibrant, long-lasting masterpiece for your collection.

Embrace the Bizarre:

"Golf Milk" by Taudalpoi is a must-have for anyone who appreciates art that pushes boundaries and challenges perception. Don't miss the chance to own this one-of-a-kind piece and add a touch of the unsettling to your space.


230gsm Matte Paper - from £12

Our Matte Paper is smooth with a crisp, bright white surface.  The paper produces pin-sharp prints with outstanding contrast and colour reproduction thanks to its wider colour gamut.

300gsm Semi Gloss  - From £25.00

This semi-gloss paper option is a microporous, resin coated paper with a beautiful luster surface.  It's high opacity, excellent rigidity and bright white surface is complimented perfectly by its consistent smoothness.  Its weight provides a higher stability than most papers and guarantees long-lasting, fade resistant prints.

308gsm Premium Matte - From £30.00

Our premium matte is our top graded product.  Selected from a batch of others, we felt this one represents the highest quality we can offer.  The superior inkjet coating produces amazing sharpness and strong colour on an exquisite smooth matte surface, with subtle hints of surface texture.

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