Collection: Bart and Elvira Fine Art Prints

Bart E.Slyp and Elvira Errico are a two-person art team of professional painting artists and cartoonists with over 20 years of experience in art wall paintings and illustrations.

They currently live in Italy by the sea, where they find most of their artwork inspiration.  Bart and Elvira tell stories through their watercolor and acrylic paintings with vibrant colors or soft pastel themes, depending on how they feel inspired at the time.

Both are very much painters of impulse and you can frequently find them working day and night as they become addicted to the artwork.

All their art is hand-painted with acrylic or watercolor paints and is replicated very well as giclee art prints in our art print shop.  Simply the next best thing to an actual painting.

Bart and Elvira Fine Art Prints