Collection: Simon Bonner Abstract Geometric Prints

Simon Bonner is an artist and designer from London, currently living in Aylesbury. He loves playing with abstract designs and most of his work flows straight from his thoughts to his sketchbook, canvas or computer. He studied art and design to BTEC level and has a degree in Film and Video Production.

Simon has always enjoyed the therapeutic and unrestricted nature of doodling. In the year before his son was born, he spent much of my little free time unwinding with a pen or paintbrush, letting whatever was on and his my mind out onto a page or canvas. Recently he has been working on digital doodles using geometric and abstract forms. Many see doodling as a way to occupy your hands whilst listening to infernal hold music or zoning out in a lecture. For him, it is a true art form when it’s taken seriously.

His Geometric Wall Art Prints are available now at The Underdog Print Shop.

Simon Bonner Abstract Geometric Prints