The Timeless Style of Botanical Illustration Art

Bring Nature Inside With A Forever Stylish and Adaptable Plant Art Print.

In this blog post, we want to discuss the ever-present status of botanical illustration art.  Used in a wide range of disciplines from beautiful home prints to scientific illustration posters, this style of design has fascinated intrepid home stylists for years.

Perhaps our obsession stems from our need to be linked to nature, especially considering the more and more we are being pushed away from it.  Sometimes just a simple leaf print or monstera pattern can create that bridge to the wild we all need from time to time to escape our busy day to day lives.

This is why we created our Botanical Art Print Collection.  

Using Botanical Art In A Pattern.

We created inhouse some beautiful geometric art infused with the iconic leaf of the monstera deliciosa plant which has become a trendsetting design whether used in artwork or a real plant in a home.  These prints are designed to create a wow factor.  The colours are bold and bright and perfect for neutral walls or an over the top gallery wall area.

Inspiring Natural Inclusion In Illustration.

We have a wide range of designers and our illustrators Figen Demireva and Cristina Quero utilize the wonder of plant and floral design in very different and subtle ways. 

Figen uses plants and florals as backdrops in her 2 impactful designs below.  The beauty of the women in the print is amplified by big amazing leaves behind which makes the leaves almost as important as the portraits in the foreground.

Pink Hair Dont Care Print

You Are Tearing Me Apart

Cristina Quero creates beautifully simple digital illustrations with subtle hints to Botanics included in the designs.  See the 2 illustrations below featuring little nods to Botanical art aesthetic. 


Using Botanic Art To Create An Interior Sanctuary.

We believe that a beautiful plant art print can add another dimension tour interior styling and.  Bringing the outside in has always fascinated people and although a house plant isn't always possible, there are always options for prints.  Whether you cant fit a Monstera Deliciosa plant in your house or you want to add natural shape and form to an existing gallery wall, the options are endless when it comes to botanical prints

Monstera Orange Large Print

This beautiful Monstera Orange Print is perfect if you want the feel of a botanical art print but not too sure on a real plant.

Fantasy Prints by Emily Dayson infused with natural wonder

Browse these wonderful designs by Emily Dayson which infuses spiritual illustration with natural splendor.

Botanical Gallery Wall Collection

If you love house plants anyway and have a lot, then why not go overboard with a gallery wall of prints like above to enhance your natural interior temple.  You could also merge your style with one of our contemporary art prints.

Thank you for reading our fantastical plant art print blog.  We will keep adding to this collection with new designs such as cacti and succulents in the coming months, so please check back when you can and also stay posted on Instagram and Facebook for news and updates.

To finish off, below we have included some links to once of our favourite Instagram feeds for inspirational interiors, frames from Ikea for your prints and finally, The Plant Shop in Manchester which we just have to tell you about.

Framing on the Cheap

Frames from Ikea which are perfect for your print

Ikea have a great range of styles and sizes, perfect for your art print from The Underdog Print Shop.  Eventually, we plan on providing frames but we can honestly say the choice at Ikea is great.  We even sized most of our standard sizes by a trip to the local Ikea for market research.

Social Plug

You should go and follow color_place_interior over at Instagram for inspiration on your next interior decorating project. Their feed is absolutely gorgeous and features chic interior ideas, on-trend decor ideas, and styles that ooze contemporary and modern interior design aesthetic.

The Plant Shop Manchester 

If real plants are your thing (as well as a print of course!) then Plant Shop Manchester is a must-see!  You can grab yourself a new plant from their huge range in Stockport and the newly opened store in Sale.  You can also order on their gorgeous website now! We do highly recommend a visit though so if your in South Manchester do not forget to stop by.

Go follow them on Instagram @plantshopmanchester

Plant Shop Manchester

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