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Constanza Urquiza
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Just Do It Digital Collage Art by Constanza Urquiza

I was nostalgic to see certain things of my own privacy and I did not know it. Today I read to an acquaintance tell why he was grateful TODAY, and his gratitude came to me because I shared it And suddenly I start to worry about tomorrow, in fifteen days, in a year, and so on almost until the tangle becomes indecipherable ... but now I remember: TODAY

TODAY I am quarantined in a studio apartment. TODAY the light comes in, my cat stretches out, nobody hurries me, I have food, I can party if I want, and I can nap too TODAY.  I can see that what some lines above seemed like a downturn, now I find it beautiful and it was because I paid attention. I think ... of how many things I have been missing by not paying attention to them and I hope that post-apocalyptically I remember all this that I'm feeling.

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