How to Geometric Your Interior Space.

Geometric Art Prints are a staple of our print shop.  As you may be aware, we love them and have acquired a wide variety of styles and patterns from a number of artists and designers from around the world.

We thought we would share a guide on how to get the best out of geometric designs and try to help you in choosing the perfect design for your home.

Seasonal Designs for Contemporary Lifestyles.

Seasonal Geometric Prints for Contemporary Spaces

These designs were created with trending styles and colour schemes in mind.  As a set, they focus on shifting colours between Spring and Autumn inspired by fashion colour trends over the years.  These prints are slightly textured to enhance the shapes and make the prints pop.  Use these designs in modern, clean living spaces and add a contemporary feel to an otherwise empty wall.  They work brilliantly when complimented with mid-century furniture and a natural aesthetic.

Click below to view the collection.

Spring Trend Geometric Print       Summer Trend Geometric Print        Autumn Trend Geometric Wall Art       Winter Trend Geometric Art Print

Complimentary and Matching Designs.

Complimentary Geometric Designs in a Modern Space

With these styles, we would consider partnering the designs with a full-colour wall.  In this example, we have included our Coral Reef and Aqua Coral Designs.  Coral Reef uses hints of blue to sync with the wall, then boom out from the wall with the bold red, inspired by Pantone colour of the year 2019, Living Coral.

Aqua Coral explores different hues of blue to marry up with the wall, yet also matches the wooden furniture and flooring to blend with each other beautifully.

Beautiful, Neutral Geometrics by Simon Bonner.

Simon Bonner Neutral Designs

Simon Bonner from Aylesbury UK joined us late last year and has since given us the pleasure of showcasing some of his finest geometric designs.  Some of his artwork is bright and colourful, others more muted and mild.  These prints are perfect for a focus point or a place of work.  Like the image above, you could add Simons prints above a mid-century unit.  They would instantly draw the eye to the area and allow the person coming into the space to know this is an important area.  Make your space speak volumes.

Click here to view Simons Collection.

Retro and Monochrome Geometric Aesthetic.

Retro and Monochrome Geometric Prints

Geometric Prints don't need to match space to make their mark.  They can exist solely to appreciate a certain colour or shape.  These Prints by Neil Irvine do you just that.  Add them to a shelf or on a unit as shown to simply draw your eye to them as you walk in. 

For us, we appreciate geometrics for their shape as well as style.  Retro on the left gives a sense of nostalgia with its beautiful tonal shift of vibrant pinks and purples.  Fax on the right take a spin on normal geometric expectancies by making them more abstract and almost glitch art In style.

Whatever your interior, a geometric print can just break the space enough and give you something unique to appreciate in the room.

Final Thoughts.

Geometric Designs are not for everyone.  We can understand that they may be just too abstract or minimal for everyone's tastes.  What we will say is search the design on its visual style instead of content.  We believe there is a geometric print out there everyone will love in their own way.  One which will just give you waves of emotions by simply staring at it.

Why not give one a go and start your next interior experiment?  Find the collection here.

Some of our favourites...

The Candy by Beatrice Pizzi.

Miami Electic Retro Art Print.

Miami Electric Retro Art Print

Pastel Beach by Simon Bonner.

Pastel Beach Pastel Geometric Print

Forest Greens Geometric Print.

Forest Greens Geometric Art Print


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