Optimists Sky Abstract Art Poster
Optimists Sky Modern Art Print
Optimists Sky Abstract Art in nice studio room
Optimists Sky Art Print in Dining Area

Optimists Sky Abstract Art Poster

Gio Antonello
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Explore Abstract Wonder by Modern Artist Gio Antonello

Words from the artist:

"An evening somewhere in the Mediterranean, the glorious days of sun are coming to a close. Autumn is fast approaching. The sunny holiday period is coming to an end; the holidaymakers try to remain positive, yearning for a few more days of sunshine before they head back to their rainy mother country. As they sit by beachside restaurants exchanging polite conversation trying to put the inevitable to the back of the mind, they remain optimistic that their memories will carry them through until they return. The painting offers a reflection of this.

The sun hides in amongst an array of shadows and dark shades spread upon the sky. As the tanned sunbed boy packs away the last of the sunbeds, the holidaymakers know it's time to pack up the suntan lotion, put away their caps, and weaved trilbies. The ladies sip the last of their colourful cocktails, the gents their beers before heading back to their hotel balconies for another glance at the optimist’s sky. All immersed in their own thoughts.

This is a look at the typical end-of-holiday blues when the eagerly anticipated sunshine period is over and the return to less sunny times loom; the end of two weeks in paradise, the sense of the inevitable end coming ever-so closer with each passing hour; they want to stay forever, something that reality won’t allow."

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