Circles and Squares Shape Abstract Art
Circles and Squares Modern Art
Circles and Squares Shape Art in Nice Interior
Circles and Squares Wall Art in a dining room

Circles and Squares Shape Abstract Art

Gio Antonello
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Bold and Colourful Design  by Gio Antonello

The artist describes this piece as below.

"I created this particular piece with a specific purpose in mind; To be versatile enough to hang in a child’s bedroom or play area as a bright and stimulating addition to their safe environment, or to be just as comfortable hanging in a living room. The shapes and vibrant colours are intentionally painted in this way to be both stimulating and serene. It is a piece to relax the mind. The colours and style in this piece are formulated so as not to be overbearing. The simple symmetry is easily recognizable; it is intentionally so to prevent overloading the observer.

Its versatility also allows it to be displayed in any one of four ways depending on individual preference; there is no right or wrong way to hang this piece. It is left entirely at the observer’s own interpretation/imagination. This piece gives out a warm simple vibe; the shapes do not necessarily need to have any meaning. I intentionally chose a limited pallet of strong, vibrant colours so as not to over-exert the eye. The paint is gently applied by free hand to create a handcrafted look in direct contrast to manufactured works of perfectly digital shapes. The shapes fuse into one another in perfect symmetry. By using shape templates which I prepare myself, I was able to move the shapes around the canvas until I was happy with the layout. Marking out my canvas with a faint pencil line around each shape, I then painted them in a distinct way to ensure that the colours complemented each other in a manner that pleases the eye."

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