Welcome to The Underdog Print Shop - A message from the founder.

Hello and welcome to The Underdog Print Shop.  Today we have launched our website and are extremely happy to begin our journey!

The idea of the print shop was started by illustrator and designer Marc Bingham.  Marc has been designing for years and creating prints on other platforms such as Etsy and much larger prints as wall murals.  He has developed a good knowledge of the print market and decided to start this shop with a unique vision.

"I wanted to sell prints for many years and did not have the confidence to grow beyond my means for a long time.  I illustrated in my spare time, as well working in large format print and doing the odd graphic design job for the asking client.  As time passed, I found it difficult to progress in the way I wanted yet learnt a lot about the printing process.  That's when I started looking at social channels more and I realised there are a ton of relatively undiscovered, yet brilliant designers out there without a window to sell their art as prints. 

I understood the competition having used it myself but that's when I had the vision of The Underdog Print Shop.  That vision was to develop a platform to support the artists as I had seen with a more personal touch than other companies and collect these artists to showcase In an original gallery, freeing them up to do what they do best.  I believe that every artist that believes in their own talent, deserves a chance and I think that even if I help only one artist with the shop, then this vision will be a success.  That is my message, my mission statement; The Underdog Print Shop, a unique gallery shop to support undiscovered artists, you have probably never heard of..."

Marc Bingham, Founder - The Underdog Print Shop.

Our website has just launched.  We are working hard collecting our first run of artists for you to browse.  You can now read our story, find out more about our paper options and if you are an artist who would like to join our gallery, you can enter a submissions request now or comment below.

We would like to thank everyone who has shown interest so far in the project and please sign up to our newsletter for updates, product releases and more!


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